Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tee Tee Potty

Bye bye tee tee!!! That is what I have heard all day today! Momma, Momma tee tee potty!! Mason has shown interest in using the potty. He has a few times here and there so I decided we were going full force this summer. Yesterday, I took him to the store and he picked out the choo choo undies which were Thomas the Train. This morning 1st thing we put the choo choos on instead of a diaper and he was excited! I told him you can't get the choo choos wet. He was repeating that to me over and over, "Momma, don't get the choo choo wet!" I love his sweet little voice. We went upstairs to play in the playroom and we took the potty with us and put it right where he could see it! A few minuets later a started to tee tee and I hurried and put him on the potty, he finished his business and we took the choo choos off and continued playing naked! The next time a little came out and then he ran to the potty on his own. This was exciting to when I'm teaching and I see "the light come on." I was asking him alot throughout the morning if he needed to go and he did just about every time. I was giving him a piece of a reeses each time so of course he wanted to go! He would even go tee tee get the candy and then go back to the potty and squeeze out more so he could get another piece! He did really well as long as I had all attention on him, he had a couple accidents but did really well for the most part. When I was cooking dinner he was outside in the backyard  playing and I had the door opened where I could see him and he came running in saying, "Tee tee potty!" I helped him get on the potty and he poo pooed! YAY!! Really he did!! Ran in from outside playing to use the potty!! I'm calling it a successful day!! I am ran ragged though...don't forget I have an 8 month old too! Throw in his cloth diapers and I've seen enough tee tee and poo poo for one day. The life of a mom. I had a great day with my boys.


Oh Momma, it's too early for this...


Photo 48


















OK, maybe I'm ready just let me stretch a little...


Photo 47


Monday, March 19, 2012

Am I at home? Oh wait, I'm at the zoo!

My house is like a zoo a lot of the time, but Saturday we did actually go to the Fort Worth Zoo.  We took our zoo to the zoo! The boys really enjoyed it and Brian and I had fun too! Noah was our little expert on the animals. He had obviously been a time or two, but it was Mason & Logan's 1st trip to the zoo!

At the house waiting to leave on St. Patty's Day. It amazes me how much they love each sweet.

P3162118 P3162117

Checking out the animals with Dada. Mason LOVES his Dada very much. He is almost 2.

P3172122 P3172127

Doggie Leash! Great invention & Mason loves it.

P3172130 P3172133

Snow cone & My happy Lo :) He is 5 months now. This was a make your own snow cone. They give you the ice and you get to do your own flavors!

P3172153 P3172154

Naptime! My 2 babies were sleepy.


P3172166 P3172167

Noah! Such a big boy now. A great helper and he had a blast! He is 5.

P3172126 P3172134

P3172173 P3172168

Thursday, March 15, 2012

My name is Logan and I am Precious.

Such a loving, sweet, sweet boy!


October 2011- Born.

IMG 1005 IMG 1029

IMG 1090 IMG 0982



November 2011- Became Mr. Smiley.

IMG 1132 IMG 1166

IMG 1186 IMG 1127

December 2011- Still Mr. Smiley.

IMG 1250 IMG 1311

IMG 1375 IMG 1240



January 2012- Mommy's little commuter.

IMG 1418 IMG 1430

IMG 1465 IMG 1507



February 2012- Did you say food?

IMG 1524 IMG 1541

IMG 1557 IMG 1594

March 2012- Couldn't be happier. Him in the green was March 1st so close enough for Feb :)

IMG 1610 IMG 1643

IMG 1693 IMG 1707

Spring Break 2012

Woohoo it's Spring Break! No commuting from Fort Worth to Mesquite & no 7th graders (love them but needed a break)! Just Me & My Boys :)


This Spring Break has been really uneventful to say the least. Logan started coughing Sunday night and Monday morning he did not sound good at all and by 10:30 we were at the doctor. YEP MONDAY MORNING OF SPRING BREAK AT THE DOCTOR! Ha! He has croup, which Mason had last year, and it is CONTAGIOUS! Tuesday Mason had it with fever and all. I think that is how it will be from now on...when 1 is sick it is only a matter of time before the other gets it. Lucky me ;) We have been confined to the house and no contact with any other kiddos, not really what I had planned for the week but that's how it goes sometimes with babies. We were also hoping to make it to my aunts ranch for some family time, but didn't happen. ME, BABIES, DOGS home ALL DAY EVERY DAY! Yesterday, we did get out and do some shopping. We made it to Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Target all before noon. I cleaned out the laundry room and hung the shelf, dry erase calendar, and ironing board hanger I bought. It is much more organized...Now to wash the clothes ha!

I have enjoyed all the snuggles from the boys despite them not feeling well though! They are the 2 sweetest boys I could ever wish for, well most of the time, Mason is almost 2 ;)

Love my babies...

Photo 46 Photo 39

Enjoying the new loveseat that reclines!

Photo 36 Photo 37

Momma I don't feel good...

Photo 38 Photo 47

Still smiling and giving kisses...

Photo 44 Photo 45

Snuggle Bugs...

Photo 41 Photo 40

Sweetie Pies...

Photo 43 Photo 42