Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tee Tee Potty

Bye bye tee tee!!! That is what I have heard all day today! Momma, Momma tee tee potty!! Mason has shown interest in using the potty. He has a few times here and there so I decided we were going full force this summer. Yesterday, I took him to the store and he picked out the choo choo undies which were Thomas the Train. This morning 1st thing we put the choo choos on instead of a diaper and he was excited! I told him you can't get the choo choos wet. He was repeating that to me over and over, "Momma, don't get the choo choo wet!" I love his sweet little voice. We went upstairs to play in the playroom and we took the potty with us and put it right where he could see it! A few minuets later a started to tee tee and I hurried and put him on the potty, he finished his business and we took the choo choos off and continued playing naked! The next time a little came out and then he ran to the potty on his own. This was exciting to when I'm teaching and I see "the light come on." I was asking him alot throughout the morning if he needed to go and he did just about every time. I was giving him a piece of a reeses each time so of course he wanted to go! He would even go tee tee get the candy and then go back to the potty and squeeze out more so he could get another piece! He did really well as long as I had all attention on him, he had a couple accidents but did really well for the most part. When I was cooking dinner he was outside in the backyard  playing and I had the door opened where I could see him and he came running in saying, "Tee tee potty!" I helped him get on the potty and he poo pooed! YAY!! Really he did!! Ran in from outside playing to use the potty!! I'm calling it a successful day!! I am ran ragged though...don't forget I have an 8 month old too! Throw in his cloth diapers and I've seen enough tee tee and poo poo for one day. The life of a mom. I had a great day with my boys.


Oh Momma, it's too early for this...


Photo 48


















OK, maybe I'm ready just let me stretch a little...


Photo 47


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